Another interior ALASKA WOLF tests positive for RABIES ~ More RABIES reports from AL, CA, FL, & WV.

Gray wolf. Courtesy National Park Service.

Gray wolf. Courtesy National Park Service.

Alaska 05/02/13 by Jerzy Shedlock – A second wolf has tested positive for rabies in Interior Alaska. The news comes just a week after the Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced another wolf shot in the same region tested positive for the viral disease. It was the first animal to test positive for the virus so far inland. A trapper shot the wolf in mid-March near the Chandalar Lake area — roughly 180 miles north of Fairbanks, near the Brooks Range — after spotting the animal caught in a trap. The trapper described the wolf’s behavior as dull and unaware, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.A state virology lab in Fairbanks confirmed on Wednesday that the wolf was infected with rabies. The trapper who shot the wolf wasn’t directly exposed to the disease but his dogs were. The dogs ate the wolf’s raw carcass while camping on a trap line. Now, the dogs are home and believed to be on rabies vaccinations. As directed by State Veterinarian Dr. Robert Gerlach, the dogs will receive booster shots and be placed under quarantine.

wolf456Kimberlee Beckmen, a wildlife veterinarian for Fish and Game, said feeding the raw meat of wild animals to pets is dangerous. “Pets can not only become infected,” she said in Thursday press release, “they can transmit the diseases and parasites to their owners,” with rabies among the most serious. In late March, a trapper shot an abnormally acting wolf near Chandalar Lake. The wolf tested positive for rabies and the people who had cut their hands during the skinning process were treated for rabies exposure. A number of rabies cases have been diagnosed along the northern and western coasts of Alaska this winter, and more cases are expected to be found among arctic and red fox populations. These animals pose exposure risks to people but an even greater risk to dogs in Alaska Bush villages, according to the press release. “People in that area should be on high alert,” Gerlach told the Dispatch. – For complete article see


1426663Alabama 05/02/13 Shelby County: A puppy that was the pet of a family living in the vicinity of the Beeswax Creek boat launch near Columbiana has tested positive for the raccoon strain of rabies. – See

Help2164California 05/02/13 San Bernadino County: Health officials are trying to find a man who may have been exposed to a rabid bat deep in the Mojave Desert. “The bat landed on the man’s neck outside the book store at Kelso Depot (in the) Mojave National Preserve on Tuesday, April 30,” San Bernardino County health officials said in a written statement. “The bat tested positive for rabies.” Officials want the man to contact the Communicable Disease Section of the county’s Department of Public Health at 800-722-4794 or 909-356-3805. – See

Florida 05/02/13 Palm Beach County: A raccoon found by a vaccinated dog in Jupiter Farms last Saturday has tested positive for rabies. – See

West Virginia 05/02/13 Mineral County: A raccoon recently captured in the Piedmont area has tested positive for rabies. – See


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