BEAR attacks woman in MONTANA ~ EASTERN EQUINE ENCEPHALITIS reports from AL, CT, & FL ~ WEST NILE VIRUS reports from CA, CO, GAx2, ILx2, NV, ND, SD, & WI ~ RABIES reports from Cox2, ILx2, NJ, & PA.

Grizzly bear. Photo by Jitka Erbenova. Wikimedia Commons.

Grizzly bear. Photo by Jitka Erbenova. Wikimedia Commons.

Montana 07/15/13 by Karl Puckett – A bear attacked a woman north of Duck Lake on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation late last week after she and two dogs inadvertently walked past an area where it apparently was feeding on a horse carcass, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and an area resident. Chris Servheen, the grizzly bear recovery coordinator for the service, said the woman told tribal wildlife authorities that the bear was a grizzly but its species has not been confirmed. Tribal authorities did not return telephone calls seeking comment. The woman was walking past an area where the bear was near a horse carcass, Servheen said. The bear probably was defending the carcass, Servheen said. “The bear mauled the person and ran away,” Servheen said.

map_to_lodge-500x331David Walburn, a Duck Lake resident, said the woman was walking two small dogs at the time, and one the dogs was killed. The woman, whose name was not available, visits a brother who owns a home in the area, he said. “I don’t know anything other than she’s in a Kalispell hospital, and I think she’s going to be OK, but she got chewed up pretty good,” Walburn said. Jim Oliverson, a spokesman at Kalisepll Regional Health Care, said Monday afternoon that the woman was listed in good condition. Walburn said he had seen the woman walking her dogs before and waved. After the attack, which occurred on Thursday or Friday morning, one of the woman’s dogs showed up near Walburn’s home with a leash on it. The dog had a Florida tag, and its fur was discolored. Walburn took it to another Duck Lake resident who knew the woman. He later learned of the attack from Blackfeet Fish and Game authorities. The discoloration on the fur turned out to be blood. There was a dead colt on the north shore of the lake, he said. “Apparently the bear came flying out of the woods where the colt was dead,” said Walburn, who called the situation a “perfect storm of events.”

Grizzly_Bear_sow_and_cub_in_Shoshone_National_Forest_USDAWalburn was told that the bear had one or two cubs with it, he said. The woman had bear spray but was attacked from behind, he said. One of the dogs was attacked first and killed, he said.“She didn’t see it coming,” he said. Walburn said the woman remained on the scene for a few hours before two anglers found her. Servheen did not directly investigate the incident. He received his information from tribal authorities. He doesn’t think that any action will be taken against the bear because it appears to have been an inadvertent surprise encounter.

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE):

Mobile Cty ALAlabama 07/12/13 Mobile County: Health officials have confirmed that several area horses have tested positive for EEE. Since late June, three horses have been put down, one each in Axis, Eight Mile, and the third along Celeste Road in the Turnerville area. – See

New_London_County.CTConnecticut 07/16/13 New London County: Mosquitoes trapped in Voluntown on July 10th have tested positive for EEE. – See

Hernando cty FLFlorida 07/1513 Hernando County: A horse stabled in southeast area of the county in the vicinity of Hayman and Neff lake roads has tested positive for EEE. This is the 15th horse in the state reported with EEE infection this year and the first in the county. – See

West Nile Virus (WNV):

District_History_symvcdCalifornia 07/15/13 Sutter-Yuba Mosquito & Vector Control District: 23 of 42 mosquito collections taken in the district last week have tested positive for WNV. The virus was detected in mosquito collections from Nicolaus, Pleasant Grove, Tudor, south of Live Oak, Pennington, District 10, Meridan, Robbins, south of Sutter and Olivehurst. – See

Weld_County.COColorado 07/12/13 Weld County: Health officials are concerned about human exposure to WNV from mosquitoes. Though there have been no human cases reported in the county this year, mosquitoes show high levels of infection.- See

Chatham cty GAGeorgia 07/16/13 Chatham County: Mosquito control officials have confirmed that a sampling of mosquitoes collected in the southwest portion of the county has tested positive for WNV. – See

Macon_County.GAGeorgia 07/13/13 Macon County: Health officials have confirmed that mosquitoes trapped on the West End and near-northside of Decatur on July 2nd have tested positive for WNV. – See

Boone-County-ILIllinois 07/15/13 Boone County: A batch of mosquitoes trapped in Poplar Grove on July 10th has tested positive for WNV. – See–215563401.html

Will cty ILIllinois 07/14/13 Will County: Mosquitoes trapped in Bolingbrook on July 8th have tested positive for WNV. – See

476669_GNevada 07/15/13 Southern Nevada Health District: Health officials have confirmed another human case of WNV in the district. There have been five human cases of the virus in the district so far this year, including one fatality. The district also reports that mosquitoes trapped in the Whitney area in the east valley have tested positive for the virus. – See

Grand_Forks_County.NDNorth Dakota 07/16/13 Grand Forks County: A crow found in the City of Grand Forks on Monday has tested positive for WNV. – See

Brown-County.SDSouth Dakota 07/12/3 Brown County: Six mosquito pools in Aberdeen and another four located about a mile north of the city have tested positive for WNV. – See,0,5791140.story

Wood_County.WIWisconsin 07/15/13 Wood County: A dead blue jay found in the county on July 1st has tested positive for WNV. – See


kitten-with-child-580x531Colorado 07/15/13 Larimer County: A farm kitten in the county has tested positive for rabies and eight people have been treated for potential exposure to the virus. – See

Colorado 07/13/13 Pueblo County: A bat that came in contact with an adult male has tested positive for rabies. This is the third bat confirmed to be infected with the virus in the county so far this year. – See

carlsbad-bat1Illinois 07/15/13 Will County: A bat found hanging from a porch screen on Middletree Road in south Joliet has tested positive for rabies. – See

Illinois 07/15/13 Will County: A bat trapped on July 8th in a bush near the front door of a residence on Dan Ireland Drive in Plainfield has tested positive for rabies. – See,0,2241590.story

New Jersey 07/13/13 Middlesex County: A bat picked up on Coriander Drive off Promenade Boulevard in South Brunswick on Wednesday has tested positive for rabies. – See

cute farm kittenPennsylvania 07/15/13 Adams County: A feral kitten found by a Biglerville couple and brought to a veterinarian in Gettysburg on June 7th has tested positive for rabies. – See


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