CANADA: DOG dies after saving his OWNER from an attacking BLACK BEAR ~ CONNECTICUT recalls SHELLFISH harvested from the SOUND ~ EASTERN EQUINE ENCEPHALITIS (EEE) & WEST NILE VIRUS (WNV) reports from AZ, CAx3, CT, LA, MAx4, NE, ND, PAx4, SD, VA, WIx3, & WY ~ RABIES reports from FL, ME, & NC.


Black bear. Photo by Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Black bear. Photo by Ohio Department of Natural Resources.


Ontario 08/05/13 A 42-year-old Thunder Bay, Ont., man has his schnauzer to thank after surviving a black bear attack at a provincial park in northwestern Ontario. The man, who has been released from hospital, was attacked Saturday afternoon by a mature black bear while he was camping at Sand Bar Provincial Park. The dog died following the ordeal. Ontario Provincial Police in Ignace said the man was on a walk with his two dogs and taking a break near the water when he was attacked from behind by the bear. The man got away by running into the water, where he waited until the bear eventually went away. He later attempted to walk back to his camp site, but the bear came back and attacked him again, police said. One of the dogs, a schnauzer, attempted to fend off the bear, allowing the man to get away. He ran to the park ranger station, where he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries and transported to Dryden Regional Health Centre.

NoON-TCHThe bear was shot at by park officials and was later caught in a live trap. Ministry of Natural Resources conservation officers, along with the K9 unit, helped to track the bear. The bear has since been destroyed, the MNR reports, and has been sent to Guelph to be tested for rabies and to check its stomach contents to confirm it was the bear from the attack. – See

Author’s Note: According to a report posted on August 7, 2013, Spyro, the Miniature Schnauzer that the hiker said saved his life, has since died of his injuries. – For photos and complete article see

Shellfish Recall:

4803789Connecticut 08/05/13 Warm water in Long Island Sound is being blamed for naturally occurring bacteria that sickened at least five people who ate oysters, clams and other shellfish from shallow areas near Norwalk and Westport. State agriculture officials on Monday announced a first-ever recall of shellfish and the shutting of most shellfish harvest locations due to naturally occurring bacteria. The agency has acted before due to pollution from storm water runoff or similar reasons. David Carey, director of the agency’s Bureau of Aquaculture, said the extreme heat in mid-July is partly to blame for the warm water in shallow areas of the Sound. The state shut shellfish harvesting areas in Norwalk and Westport until September, when the water is expected to cool down. Areas outside the nearby Long Island Sound islands that are deeper than 20 feet remain open because water at that depth is cooler than in shallow areas. Shellfish beds in southeastern Connecticut also are not affected because the Long Island Sound there is cooler due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and potentially swifter current. Shellfish affected by the recall include hard clams and oysters harvested between July 3 and Friday. If ingested, the bacteria known as Vibrio parahaemolyticus can cause acute stomach illness. – See

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) & West Nile Virus (WNV):

Yavapai Cty AZArizona 08/06/13 Yavapai County: Environmental health professionals have confirmed that mosquitoes trapped in the Tavasci Marsh area between Cottonwood and Clarkdale have tested positive for WNV. – See

Riverside Cty CACalifornia 08/05/13 Riverside County: Health officials announced on Monday that mosquitoes trapped in Palm Springs have tested positive for WNV for the first time this year. The mosquitoes were trapped near East Vista Chino and North Palm Canyon Drive, according to the Coachella Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District Mosquitoes from 11 other traps on the north and middle shores of the Salton Sea also tested positive, raising this year’s total of positive mosquito samples in the Coachella Valley to 14. – See

CA-Sacramento-YoloCalifornia 08/05/13 Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito & Vector Control District: 2013 WNV activity update: Sacramento County:  2 humans, 78 dead birds and 213 mosquito samples, 1 horse, 2 chickens have tested positive for WNV to date. Yolo County: 1 human, 47 dead birds, 145 mosquito samples, 3 chickens have tested positive for WNV to date. – See

Los Angeles Cty CACalifornia 08/05/13 Los Angeles County: Health officials announced on Monday that the Madrona Marsh Preserve in Torrance was closed because of concerns about mosquitoes that have tested positive for WNV. This season, the South Bay has been a hot spot for West Nile virus activity, with numerous dead crows in Rolling Hills Estates, Rancho Palos Verdes, Torrance and Redondo Beach, among other cities, testing positive for the virus. – See

Butte Cty CACalifornia 08/05/13 Butte County: Health officials have confirmed that at least four dead birds and 13 mosquito pools tested positive for WNV last week. All of the birds were found in the Chico area while the infected mosquito pools were found in the Chico and Honcut areas. – See

CT.DPH-Connecticut 08/05/13 CT Department of Public Health: The State Mosquito Management Program today announced mosquitoes testing positive for WNV have been identified in twelve towns so far this season. The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station trapped the positive mosquitoes in Bridgeport, East Haven, Fairfield, Glastonbury, Greenwich, Manchester, New Haven, Norwalk, Plainfield, Stamford, Stratford, and Westport. – See

St. Martins Parish.LALouisiana 08/06/13 St. Martin Parish: Cajun Mosquito Control officials have confirmed that a sentinel chicken and a mosquito pool, both located in Breaux Bridge, have tested positive for WNV. – See–Martin-Parish?instance=home_news_lead

plymouth cty MAMassachusetts 08/07/13 Plymouth County: State health officials have announced that mosquitoes trapped in Mattapoisett, Lakeville, and Freetown have tested positive for WNV. – See

middlesex cty MAMassachusetts 08/06/13 Middlesex County: State health officials announced that a mosquito infected with WNV was found in Needham. Other Middlesex County communities where WNV infected mosquitoes have been found include Belmont, Burlington, Waltham, Watertown, Reading, Wakefield and Melrose. – See

suffolk cty MAMassachusetts 08/05/13 Suffolk County: Boston’s WNV threat level has been raised to moderate. Health officials announced on Monday that mosquitoes trapped in Jamaica Plain and Hyde Park late last month tested positive for the virus, and because the numbers have doubled. – See

norfolk cty MAMassachusetts 08/05/13 Norfolk County: Public health officials have raised the WNV risk level from low to moderate after mosquitoes infected with the virus were found in areas directly adjacent to the city. – See

Hall_County_NENebraska 08/06/13 Hall County: Central District health officials have confirmed that a mosquito pool in the county has tested positive for WNV. This is the first pool testing positive for the virus in the county so far this year. – See

ND DOHNorth Dakota 08/06/13 ND Department of Health: State officials have confirmed the first human case of WNV so far this year in Grand Forks County. Cass, Grant, Stutsman, and Richland (2) counties have also reported human cases of WNV this year. – See

centre county.PAPennsylvania 08/06/13 Centre County: Vector control officials have confirmed three mosquitoes trapped in the Snow Shoe Township area have tested positive for WNV. Another WNV infected mosquito was found in Spring Township. – See

Cumberland_County_PAPennsylvania 08/05/13 Cumberland County: Officials have confirmed that mosquitoes trapped in Hampden Township on July 22nd have tested positive for WNV. Since then, infected mosquitoes have been found in North Middleton Township, the Borough of Carlisle, and Upper Allen Township. – See

lehigh cty PAPennsylvania 08/06/13 Lehigh County: State officials reported Monday that a mosquito trapped in North Whitehall Township has tested positive for WNV. Other positive samples have been found in Allentown, Bethlehem, and the townships of Salisbury and Lower Macungie. – See

Chester_County_PAPennsylvania 08/04/13 Chester County: Health officials announced on Friday that mosquito traps collected in Birmingham, Schuylkill, Thornbury, Upper Uwchian, and Uwchian townships tested positive for WNV. – See

SD_mailSouth Dakota 08/06/13 SD Department of Health: WNV Update: 21 human cases of WNV disease have been reported; Animals:  2 horses, 1 bird and 729 WNV positive mosquito pools; Counties with WNV detections (human or animal) Brookings, Brown, Buffalo, Codington, Davison, Dewey, Edmunds, Faulk, Hand, Hughes, Jackson, Jones, Lincoln, Marshall, Meade, Minnehaha, Pennington, Sanborn, Spink, Tripp, Union and Walworth.  These 22 counties are home to 66% of the state’s population. – See    

z-suffolk_vaVirginia 08/05/13 Suffolk: Public works officials have confirmed that mosquitoes trapped in the city have tested positive for both EEE and WNV. Mosquitoes that tested positive for EEE were found in the Lake Kennedy, Suburban Woods, Regency Estates, Wonderland Forest, Rivercliff, Arbor Meadows, Dayle Acres, Pughsville, Bennett’s Harbor, Kilby Shores, Kempton Park, Pitchkettle Point, Princeview Point, and Olde Mill Creek neighborhoods. Officials also found infected mosquitoes in neighborhoods around Lamb Avenue, Hosier Road, Clay Hill Road, Leesville, and Whaleyville, according to the release. Officials also found mosquitoes that tested positive for the WNV in the Lake Kennedy neighborhood. – See,0,5811213.story

ashland cty.WIWisconsin 08/07/13 Ashland County: Health officials have confirmed that a dead crow found in the city of Ashland on July 25th has tested positive for WNV. – See

Juneau_County.WIWisconsin 08/06/13 Juneau County: Health officials reported on Monday that a dead blue jay found in the county on July 23rd has tested positive for WNV. – See

waukesha cty.WIWisconsin 08/05/13 Waukesha County: Health officials have confirmed that a crow found in Lisbon has tested positive for WNV. – For precautions and other information see

Teton_County.WYWyoming 08/05/13 Teton County: Authorities have confirmed that mosquitoes trapped in the Jackson Hole area have tested positive for WNV. – See


baby-skunk5b5j - CopyFlorida 08/05/13 Lafayette County: The Department of Health is requesting residents’ assistance in locating people who may have been exposed to one of six potentially rabid baby skunks, known to be in the county during the last few months. Two of the baby skunks recently died, with one testing positive for rabies. The remaining four baby skunks are still unaccounted for. “It’s very important we locate people who may have acquired these baby skunks, so they can receive the appropriate treatment if they may have been exposed to rabies,” said Pamela Blackmon, Administrator, Florida Department of Health in Lafayette County. Contact Michael Mitchell or Cindy Morgan at the Florida Department of Health in Lafayette County at 386-294-1321 or 386-362-2708 if you may have been exposed.  For more information, visit – See more at:

imagesMaine 07/31/13 Cumberland County: Health officials have confirmed a fox that attacked five people in South Portland has tested positive for rabies. The fox jumped into the cab of a customer’s pickup truck in the Home Depot parking lot and bit him on the arm. It later attacked a jogger, bit a man and woman who were camping, and chased another man into an office building where the animal was trapped. – See

batwarningNorth Carolina 08/06/13 Wake and Chatham counties: A bat found in an apartment on Hampton Lee Court in Cary has tested positive for rabies. – See

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