GRIZZLY BEARS leave 4 injured in IDAHO & WYOMING ~ MICHIGAN game wardens search for BLACK BEAR that attacked 12-year-old jogger ~ CANADA: NEW BRUNSWICK forestry worker chased up tree and bitten by BLACK BEAR ~ 6-month-old TENNESSEAN contracts ROCKY MOUNTAIN SPOTTED FEVER ~ EEE & WNV reports from ID, MD, MI, MT, & PA ~ RABIES reports from CO, ILx2, ME, NC, SC, & WV.

Grizzly. Photo by Jean-Pierre Lavoie. Wikimedia Commons.

Grizzly. Photo by Jean-Pierre Lavoie. Wikimedia Commons.

Idaho & Wyoming 08/15/13 by Rachel Katz – Two separate grizzly bear attacks Thursday left four people with non-life threatening injuries. The attacks took place just west of Island Park Reservoir in Idaho, and Cygnet Lakes Trail, southwest of Canyon Village trail in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. In Idaho, two private contractors doing habitat assessment work were unknowingly near a bear sleeping behind a tree. A bear charged at one of the men and bit him in the thigh and the backside, knocking him down, Gregg Losinski of Idaho Fish and Game told ABC News. The other man then tried to spray the bear as he was charging at him, but the bear attacked both of the man’s hands. The men managed to escape and other workers helped to transport them to Madison Memorial Hospital in Rexburg, Idaho, Losinski said. According to a hospital nurse, then men suffered treatable but substantial injuries. “The biggest worry is infection, as bears do not have clean teeth,” Losinski said.

grizzlyNPSThe second attack Thursday involved a mother bear defending her cub, according to the National Parks Service. “When we have hikers that come upon grizzlies and they have a cub, the first thing the mother’s going to do is try to defend those cubs,” Yellowstone spokesman Dan Hottle told ABC News Radio. A group of four people hiking in Yellowstone saw an approaching grizzly bear cub around 11:30 a.m., the parks service said. A sow grizzly then appeared and attacked two of the hikers, leaving them with bite and claw wounds. They managed to escape when the unharmed hikers discharged canisters of bear spray, scaring away the sow and her cub. – For video and complete article see

imagesCACEBMO0Michigan 08/16/13 by John Flesher – As 12-year-old Abby Wetherell headed toward home from an evening jog on her grandfather’s woodsy property in northern Michigan, a terrifying sight caught her eye: a black bear was chasing her. The bear knocked the girl down twice and lashed one of her thighs with its powerful paws as she screamed for help, then coolly played dead. Her father and a neighbor scared the animal away, and Abby was flown to a hospital, where she was doing well after surgery. “We’re very proud of the way she handled herself,” her grandfather, David Wetherell, told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Friday. “She’s kind of amazed us.” The Michigan Department of Natural Resources set traps in the area of the Thursday night attack in Wexford County’s Haring Township, just north of Cadillac, and asked the public to be on the lookout. The county has a well-established bear population but the animals generally avoid humans, DNR wildlife biologist Adam Bump said. The agency gets occasional reports of females challenging people who get too close to their cubs, he said. But in those cases, the sow usually snaps at the person once or twice and leaves. The bear that went after Abby apparently wasn’t protecting cubs, which made the attack highly unusual. If the animal is caught, it will be euthanized and tested for rabies or other diseases, DNR spokesman Ed Golder said. – For complete article see


BlackBear_USArmyNew Brunswick 08/16/13 by Shane Fowler: A forestry worker from New Brunswick is recovering after he was chased and attacked by what he describes as a 300-pound aggressive black bear earlier this week while he was working in the woods near Oromocto Lake. Pierre Mezzetta of Fredericton required some stitches and a night in hospital following the attack Wednesday, but expected to be back at work Friday. After coming across the bear, Mezzetta made sure the bear was aware of his presence, but he ran when the animal charged him. Mezzetta was chased hundreds of metres before climbing a tree to escape. Even though he was nearly three metres up the tree, the bear still managed to clamp its jaws around Mezzetta’s ankle. “He jumped up, and in a blink and one bite, he had my ankle,” said Mezzetta. “As soon as he had my ankle, he slipped, or let go of the tree, like he was trying to pull me down towards him. “If he had gotten his jaws fully around my whole ankle instead of my heel, he would have had me, I would have been done,” he said. “I was scared for my life.”

NB_2001709Mezzetta said the bear aggressively charged several times. “When he hit the ground, he came right back up the tree again, climbed it, clawing at me, trying to bite me. He slipped again, came back around. He was frustrated, running around in circles,” he said. “All of a sudden, he just took and ran right around, right up the tree, full speed, right up the tree. “All I could do was just try and stomp on him with my boots,” Mezzatta said. “I was stomping on his claws and stomping on his nose, and stomping back and forth. “Finally he gave up. Circled a couple more times, and gave up and left. – For complete article and video see

Rocky Mounted Spotted Fever:

P_infectionK_rockymount_01 (2)Tennessee 08/16/13 Tipton County: The six-month-old daughter of an Atoka couple is hospitalized with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. – See video at

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) & West Nile Virus (WNV):

ID DOH&WIdaho 08/16/13 ID Dept of Health: Three new cases of people infected with WNV are reported from southwest Idaho, bringing the current state total to five. A Washington County man in his 40s, an Owyhee County man over the age of 60, and a woman from Payette County in her 30s were all recently infected, in addition to the two previously reported cases from Payette County. Elmore County is also reporting mosquitoes have been detected with WNV, discovered by routine surveillance, bringing the number of Idaho counties confirmed to have mosquitoes carrying WNV to 11.  – See

MDdhmh-logo-75Maryland 08/16/13 MD Dept of Health: A case of EEE has been confirmed in a horse in Worcester County.  The horse tested positive for EEE which is spread by mosquitoes. – See

MDA_logoMichigan 08/16/13 Van Buren County: Dept of Agriculture officials say a horse stabled in Paw Paw is the first equine case of EEE in the state this year.

MT_dphhs_logoMontana 08/16/13 MT Dept of Health: State officials have confirmed mosquitoes testing positive for WNV have been trapped in Cascade, Blaine, Prairie, Sheridan, Phillips, and Teton counties. A pelican found near Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge also tested positive for the virus. – See

PA_Department_of_Health_Logo_svgPennsylvania 08/16/13 PA Dept of Health: The state’s first probable human cases of WNV infection in 2013 have been detected. A Montgomery County man was hospitalized due to WNV. A York County man has also tested positive for the infection, but was not hospitalized. – See


Colorado 08/16/13 Jefferson County: A bat with a cigarette in its mouth and placed on a woman’s floral shirt on a picnic bench in Harriman Park in Morrison could have rabies. Clearly, the bat was handled, but it could not be tested for rabies because of it advanced stage of deterioration, so officials must assume that it was infected with the virus. The person(s) who touched it could be at severe risk and need to seek immediate medical attention. – See

v17n2cIllinois 08/15/13 Grundy County: A bat submitted by a county resident tests positive for rabies. – See

Illinois 08/15/13 Kane County: A bat found in a yard in Batavia has tested positive for rabies. – See

a - CopyMaine 0818/13 Kennebec County: A skunk that was acting aggressively toward campers at Beaver Brook Campground on Androscoggin Lake in Wayne has tested positive for rabies.- See

darlingcat-mattapoisett-Ma.govNorth Carolina 08/17/13 Robeson County: A feral cat that was hanging around a woman’s house in Orrum and bit the woman when she was feeding it, then attacked a puppy on the following day, has tested positive for rabies. – See

South Carolina 08/15/13 Midlands: A Richland County man exposed to a raccoon, and a Kershaw County woman exposed to a fox in the Camden area are both are both being treated after the animals tested positive for rabies. – See

17858296_BG1West Virginia 08/15/13 Mercer & McDowell counties: It’s time for West Virginia’s raccoons to see their annual dose of rabies vaccine fall from the sky. In Mercer County, fish meal baits containing an oral raccoon rabies vaccine will be distributed in the county’s wooded northern areas, said Doris Irwin, RN, BSW, with the Mercer County Health Department. The bait drop program was created to control the spread of raccoon rabies, a major source of rabies in West Virginia. “To give you an idea where this might be, it’s up on Coaldale Mountain, Windmill Gap, Arista Mountain, the Camp Creek area, and up on the upper part of Route 19 where it hits the border with Raleigh County,” Irwin said Wednesday. The bait drop includes all of McDowell County, Irwin said. Baiting with block-type baits distributed in more urban areas by hand is scheduled to begin Aug. 26. Irwin did not know if any baiting by hand would take place in Mercer or McDowell counties. Aerial baiting could begin Aug. 28 and conclude in early to mid-September, U.S. Department of Agriculture officials said. Inclement weather could extend the program. – See


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