CANADIAN survives BLACK BEAR attack by grabbing bear’s tongue ~ WEST NILE VIRUS reports from AZ, & MS ~ RABIES reports from VT, & WI.

Black bear. Bing free use license.

Black bear. Bing free use license.


New Brunswick 10/12/13 A woodlot owner near Grand Falls, N.B., says he’s lucky to be alive after a bear attacked him in the woods. Gilles Cyr said he was walking through his woodlot two weeks ago when suddenly something black came flying out of the woods at him. “When I opened up my eyes it was on top of me — with the friggin’ noise, it’s crazy the way it growls. Right from the stomach. It’s not from the mouth, it’s just inside. His mouth was wide open right in front of my face so the last thing I remember I had his tongue in my hand and I didn’t want to let go because he was trying to fight me off. So he was hitting me with his claws, so I says, ‘If you’re going to hurt me, I’m going to hurt you too.’ So he was biting his tongue at the same time,” he said. “For a second, I thought I was dead … that’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you open your eyes and see that friggin’ mouth full of teeth and a tongue in there. It’s like … an extreme sport,” he said with a chuckle. Cyr said grabbing the bear’s tongue was just instinct. He said he managed to escape behind a tree but not before the bear clawed his belly and bit his knee. The bear followed him but then appeared to lose interest and walked away. He was treated for superficial wounds at the hospital. Cyr said that a warden told him he has permission to track down the bear and kill it as a nuisance animal — however an official with Natural Resources said Cyr may require a permit.

Grand Falls, New Brunswick

Grand Falls, New Brunswick

This is not the first near miss with a black bear in New Brunswick. In August a forestry worker was chased and attacked while working in the woods near Oromocto Lake. Pierre Mezzetta of Fredericton required some stitches and a night in hospital following the attack. In July, a black bear chased a Fredericton man into his home. He was not injured but the bear made off with his garbage. The province’s black bear population has jumped to 17,000, up from about 12,000 eight years ago. A provincial biologist said one reason for the rise in the bear population is because of a drop in hunting. Thirty-five years ago, New Brunswick sold more than 12,500 bear hunting licences. Last year, it sold barely more than 5,000. – For photos and original article see

Dengue Fever:

graphics1Global 10/14/13 Debate and controversy surround the use of genetically altered mosquitoes designed to curb the spread of dengue fever. OX513A is a genetically modified mosquito engineered by a British biotech company, Oxitec Ltd. of Abingdon, England. The “Frankenskeeters”, as they have been called, are all male and contain a “lethality gene” that prevents offspring from surviving.

kw-map1The controversy revolves around doubts about effectiveness to concern about the impact on the ecosystem. But officials in the Florida Keys have been considering a test. Oxitec CEO Hadyn Parry said OX513A has already been tested in the Cayman Islands, Malaysia, and Brazil, and he expects tests in India and in the Florida Keys, if the FDA and Florida authorities approve. An outbreak of dengue fever has been reported in Florida, and the virus is reported to be present in Texas this year. – See complete article at

West Nile Virus (WNV):

Pinal Cty AZArizona 10/14/13 Pinal County: Officials have confirmed the county’s first human case of WNV in an adult male resident of Casa Grande who is recovering. – See

HindsCountyMSMississippi 10/14/13 MS Dept of Health: Officials have confirmed one new human case of WNV reported in Hinds County. So far this year, 40 human cases of the virus have been reported in the state, including two fatalities. – For further details see,14399,341.html


84a20f8b61c4c82307683f92d3eea38dVermont 10/14/13 Windham County: A raccoon that fought with a vaccinated dog at a residence on Misty Drive in Grafton has tested positive for rabies. The dog was not injured, but when the dog was called off and the raccoon remained aggressive the homeowner shot it. – See

help-298x300Wisconsin 10/14/13 Winnebago County: Police in Menasha are looking for a small dog, described as a golden Yorkshire terrier that allegedly bit an adult jogger in Jefferson Park around noon this past Sunday. The little dog was being walked by an elderly woman, who apparently continued on her way, following the bite incident; it is unclear as to why the jogger was not able to catch up to the elderly woman and her dog following the bite. The authorities are involved because they are hoping to find out if the dog responsible for the bite is current on its rabies vaccinations. – See


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