Three COYOTES attack COLORADAN walking to work ~ At risk WOLF-DOGS in NEW HAMPSHIRE rescued by local Humane Society and CALIFORNIA non-profit ~ WEST NILE VIRUS reports from CA, FL, & IL ~ RABIES reports from NJ, TX, & VA.

Coyote. Photo by Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

Coyote. Photo by Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

Colorado 10/16/13 A man is recovering after being attacked by three coyotes in Boulder County on Monday morning. The man was walking to work in the Niwot area northeast of Boulder at 5 a.m. when he heard the animals coming up behind him. One of the coyotes was large and the other two were smaller. “They lunged at him and were scratching and biting,” Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokeswoman Jennifer Churchill said. The man told officials the attack took place over about a 70 yard stretch of road before he could finally get away from them. He was taken to Longmont United Hospital and treated for his injuries. “He had injuries to his face, his arms and his legs,” Churchill said. Wildlife officials say the aggressive behavior is not typical for the animals, which generally only get defensive of their young or if someone or something is near their food supply. Churchill said officials found and killed the larger coyote and one of the small coyotes, but she said the other animal involved in the attack so far has not been located. “We will continue to look because we do consider this a predatory kind of attack,” Churchill said. – For photo and CBS4 video report see



Wolfdog0025-220New Hampshire 10/13/13 by Maggie Cassidy and Ernie Kohlsaat – Almost 30 wolf-hybrids, the controversial animals also known as wolf-dogs, were rescued from a remote mountaintop property here in a 16-day operation led by the Upper Valley Humane Society with support from at least five local law enforcement agencies and national and regional animal welfare groups. The owner of the animals had been evicted from the property, said Deborah Turcott, executive director of the Upper Valley Humane Society. The humane society responded after receiving requests for assistance from the landowner’s attorney, the former owner of the animals and the Alexandria Police Department, Turcott said. When rescue TX40Logoteam members arrived they found 40 wolf-hybrids in about 20 different pens on the property. One was found dead immediately and a second was found dead a few days later. Nine others were humanely euthanized at the site after they were found to be either too ill to be transported or so aggressive they were considered a safety risk. The 29 remaining animals received medical and behavior evaluations before being transported down the mountain as part of the operation that concluded last week. Four are now housed at the humane society’s shelter in Enfield, where they are undergoing behavior modification training and are expected to become adoptable.

mq140850-3The rest were taken in by the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center, a California-based nonprofit that recently acquired the former Loki Clan Wolf Refuge in Chatham, N.H. Those 25 animals were determined to be the ones who “truly need a sanctuary lifestyle,” Turcott said. The 29 animals were estimated to range in age from 4 to 14 years old. “It actually has been a little surreal,” Turcott, who spent nearly the entire 16 days on the mountain, said Saturday afternoon. “We handle quite a few hoarding or rescue situations that number over 50 (animals),” she said, but the nature of wolf-hybrid and the location — a remote property atop Oregon Mountain, northeast of Cardigan Mountain, at the end of a 21/2-mile washed-out logging road accessible only by four-wheeler or a military-issue Humvee — made this rescue “logistically the most complex.” The humane society was alerted that a rescue might be necessary about a year ago, but eviction was averted at that time. When the eviction was completed on Sept. 20, the operation began immediately, Turcott said.  “It was an opportunity of a lifetime … for myself,” she said, “and also an incredible chance for the Upper Valley Humane Society to show the community what we do — for the community and for the animals that we serve.” The Upper Valley Humane Society contracts with more than 30 towns to respond to animal welfare situations. – For complete article and photos see

West Nile Virus (WNV):

Shasta Cty CACalifornia 10/15/13 Shasta County: Health officials have confirmed that a local resident has been identified as the first human case of WNV in the county this year. – See

alachua_county_floridaFlorida 10/16/13 Alachua County: Officials have confirmed that an adult male resident of the vicinity of Gainesville is the first human case of WNV virus in the area this year. – See

Hancock-County.ILIllinois 10/15/13 Hancock County: Officials have confirmed that a horse stabled near Sutter has tested positive for WNV. – See



groundhog344New Jersey 10/16/13 Somerset County: A groundhog seen in a Hillsborough neighborhood near the municipal complex about two weeks ago and reported to be “running in a circle” has tested positive for rabies. – See

cat-child-300x225Texas 10/15/13 McLennan County: A kitten found at the intersection of North 19th Street and Park Lake Drive in Waco on October 9th has tested positive for rabies. An unspecified number of people were exposed to the virus and are receiving post-exposure treatment. Officials are urging others who may have been in contact with the kitten from September 29th through October 9th to seek immediate medical advice. –

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVirginia 10/15/13 Pittsylvania County: A raccoon found on Owl Road, south of Danville Regional Airport, in Ringgold has tested positive for rabies. – See


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