CALIFORNIA jogger attacked by COYOTE ~ CANADIAN has first documented HUMAN case of H7N9 AVIAN FLU VIRUS in NORTH AMERICA ~ RABIES reports from NC & TX.

Coyote. Courtesy National Park Service.

Coyote. Courtesy National Park Service.

California 01/21/15 by Preston Phillips – A San Diego area neighborhood is on alert after a jogger was bitten by a coyote Wednesday morning. The attack occurred in the 4800 block of East Alder Drive in Kensington. This kind of attack is so rare that the game warden who took the report told 10News he has never documented such a case. The coyote actually bit the woman in the leg as she was trying to run from it around 5 a.m. Wednesday. She eventually scared it off, but not before a big effort on her part. “All of a sudden, I feel something bite my leg,” said Janet Snook. “I look down, and you know, it’s a coyote.” She knew it was a coyote because of its pointed ears and how skinny it was. Snook says it was about the size of a German Shepherd and relentless. “I turned around and he was continuing to run towards me, so I started running backwards because I didn’t want to turn my back on him,” said Snook. At that point, she began fearing for her life. “I was screaming and yelling, waving my hands, you know, try to make as much noise as possible and he would pause and then he would keep running,” said Snook. She continued screaming and yelling until the coyote finally ran off into a nearby canyon. Soon after, Snook drove to an urgent care center, had her wound treated and received several shots to reduce the chance of contracting rabies. – For complete article and video see



h7n9British Columbia 01/26/15 by Julie Gordon – A Vancouver area resident has tested positive for the H7N9 avian flu virus in the first documented case of the infection in a human in North America, the Canadian government said on Monday. The woman, who is in her 50s, had returned to Canada from China and is recovering from the illness in self-isolation, the Public Health Agency of Canada said in a statement. “I want to emphasize that the risk to Canadians is very low because there is no evidence of sustained human-to-human transmission of H7N9,” Gregory Taylor, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, said at a news conference in Ottawa. Taylor said the woman returned to Canada on Jan. 12 after visiting numerous locations in China and began to feel ill two days later on Jan. 14. “All evidence is indicating that it is likely the individual was infected following exposure in China,” he said. “We don’t know at this time how the individual contracted the virus.” The woman’s male travel partner, also in his 50s, has symptoms and was likely infected at the same time, although the second case has not been confirmed, health officials said.

h7The H7N9 virus passes between birds, but experts say there is not enough evidence to prove it passes between humans. Most cases report contact with poultry, usually in live poultry markets, the Canadian health agency said. The virus first infected three people in China in March 2013. In 2014, it infected 453 people, killing 175 of them, according to the World Health Organization. Two people reportedly died of the H7N9 virus in China’s coastal Fujian province earlier this month, and recent human cases have been reported in the Jiangxi and Zhejiang provinces, and Shanghai. The H7N9 virus has not been detected in birds in Canada. – See


Looking-for-Kittens-001North Carolina 01/23/15 Robeson County: A cat, believed to be a family pet, that bit a woman in the Popes Crossing community of Lumberton has tested positive for rabies. -See

Texas 01/24/15 Harris County: A stray dog found in Tomball on January 10th has tested positive for rabies. – For complete article and photo see


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